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About Us


Ola is actually a revolution by VirtualColors and DigitalHind with an aim to provide e-commerce solutions to local business dealers at cheapest rates possible and make the local shopkeepers an integral part of Digital India!

Current version of Ola has the following features:OlaBiz your personal city guide

  • Ola Verified Businesses: All the listings posted are physically verified by the Ola team. So, the quality of theĀ  listings are assured.
  • Exact Google Map Coordinates: Businesses being verified physically, the exact location of the business is given on the website.
  • Customer-Seller Direct Contact: No middle-man between the website generated client and the business owner.
  • Sponsor-less Listings: All the listings are placed at the same level for the visitor.
  • SEO friendly URLs: Short and Sweet URLs for your business listing.
  • Portfolio images: You can add upto 10 images per business listing.
  • Pocket Friendly: Ola listing costs Rs. 700/year FREE for one year! It will be Rs. 700/year starting from second year.

About Developers & Promoters

VirtualColors - Your Web Solution Partner

VirtualColors is a solution provider for all your virtual needs. Whether it's a Website, Brandings and Designs, we have (infact, we ourselves are) an answer for all.

"Designs & Innovations

The blend of both, adds beautiful colors at your virtual world"

We, at Virtual Colors have the most energetic atmosphere that creates amazing designs for websites and ultimate programs for backend. That is what we call "Beauty with the Brain!" We give stress at the most innovative designs at the cutting edge technologies. Whether, it's just a small 5-paged static Website, an online intranet website or just a small app lying in your android. If it is from Virtual Colors, it must be Bold, Beautiful and Intelligent all at the same time.

Digital Hind is aimed to promote & support the Digital India Campaign of Government of India. Digital Hind provides the platform where all the supporters will gather and share their views on How can Information Technology be helpful in Development of India. The supporters may also advertise their services for free of cost as their contribution towards Digital India.